The incredibly fast pace of technological advancement has given us the ability to stay informed and regularly updated about the trends and all things happening around us. The Internet has started a whole new era – a modern digital age that all of us are part of. Long are the days when we had to search for the right literature or spend hours in a library trying to find the necessary information.

Now, whenever we aren’t sure whether a certain information is valid or nor or we simply want to find something more on a certain topic, we just “google it”.

The internet has also enabled anyone who is willing to share their stories, knowledge, and experience to write blogs on particular topics. Education is one of them.

In the sea of popular education topics, it’s really hard to decide which ones to read and which resources to rely on. That’s why we decided to do a little bit of research and pick a few of the greatest education blogs out there.


1.The Innovative Educator

The innovative educator, Lisa Nielson, takes a bit unconventional approach to teaching. Her disillusionment with the teaching methods today’s educators use in public schooling motivated her to use modern technologies and techniques to make her classes more engaging. She tends to write about a variety of resources that most students have easy and quick access to and that can give them valuable insight into the matter they are researching. On top of that, she offers a variety of ways how an average teacher, no matter how experienced they are, can improve their teaching without spending an arm and a leg on resources or having to deal with restrictions.


2. The learning spy

Although the job of a teacher is a rather inspiring and creative, there are challenges every teacher has to learn how to tackle. A former teacher and headteacher David Didau felt overwhelmed by the educational system thought at schools and decided one day that he will invest his energy and time into writing his own blog. In his blog, he gives details into his teaching methods and provides teachers or those about to become teachers how to improve their overall approach to teaching. He uses a combination of academic research, psychology, and personal experience.


3. Edudemic

Edudemic is probably the largest hub for education content. It is an excellent resource for all the teachers who would like to improve their teaching in applying technology in their day-to-day classes. Edudemic provides you with a variety of ideas, methods, advice, and lesson plan that they can easily incorporate into their curriculum. Due to such a wide selection of topics it offers, you will always be able to find a material and useful technique that will save a lot of your time and make your classes more interesting.


4. Teacher Toolkit

Teacher toolkit by Ross Morrison McGill is most likely one of the most frequently visited educational websites. It gained its popularity by allowing teachers, those who are learning to become teachers and beginners to discuss various issues, exchange experiences and share a wide range of useful materials, and resources. It’s an excellent platform that doesn’t only bring value to your teaching methods but it also gives you an opportunity to meet new teachers, listen to their stories. Also, it gives you an insight how to use social media in your classes and much more.


5. EdTech Roundup

As we mentioned earlier, technology plays an important role in today’s educational system. From smartphones and laptops to smart boards and tablets, there are plenty of devices and apps you can use to make your classes more fun. EdTech Roundup blog provides you with a comprehensive coverage of the latest news in the field of ed technology as well as apps and gadgets that can make the whole process of teaching and learn much more enjoyable. The best part is that it keeps you informed on the progress in the field of technology.


Education blogs offer an easy access to the best new methods, programs, and technologies in education which allow teachers worldwide to not only to improve their knowledge but also learn new skills and upgrade their teaching techniques.



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