Before you even start looking for a job, you need to clearly define what you are passionate about and what you would like to do in future. Polish your resume and devote plenty of time to searching for a new job position. The easy access to the Internet and the omnipresence of a variety of electronic devices has given us the ability to search most our jobs online. Social media has considerably contributed to easier job search.


According to Glassdoor newest report on job trends, there are almost 6 million jobs to be filled right now. So, whether you just lost a job or are about to start looking for your career path, there are multiple opportunities out there.


To help you find the right job, here we outlined a few things you should keep in mind while searching for it.


Target your resume and a cover letter

One of the first steps you should take before starting your job hunt is to polish your resume. You need to show that you are a self-confident, responsible and ambitious person who is willing to contribute not only to the company where you are applying for a job but also to your own professional development. In order for the employer to hire you, he must have a clear overview of your skills and qualifications. You need to show that you have got what they are looking for. Also, keep in mind that a cover letter is equally important as a resume because it outlines all the things that make you an ideal candidate for the job you are applying.


Rely on social media

Whether we like it or not, we have all become deeply involved in social media networking on a daily basis. Social media has had an enormous impact not only on our social life but also our professional life as well. Linkedin is a particularly effective tool when it comes to searching for a new job because it allows you to search your target market based on your industry, education, interest and the people you are connected with. Other social media like Facebook or Twitter aren’t so popular as Linkedin but are in many ways helpful. For example, there are many social groups on Facebook where companies offer jobs and where people have discussions on certain job positions. You can learn a lot and gain a better insight into what job suits your needs.


Attend events

Meeting new people and extending your circle of friends is crucial when looking for a job. The easiest way to meet new people is to attend charity event or events hosted by professional organizations. Make a list of people you would like to talk to and try to meet them there in person. Also, if you have friends who are influential in their field and who may help you meet some new people that will offer you a job. Everyone knows everyone.


Visit company websites

If you already have an idea what kind of job you would like to do and if you have a list of companies where you would apply for a job, why not contact the companies directly on their website? Most companies have a career page that offers you a possibility to send your resume or apply for some specific job. Maybe they are looking for someone who has your skills and qualifications but you are not aware of it. If you are not sure what you would like to do in future, it’s always best to get your career consultation either by doing a test or consulting a career specialist


Visit job fairs

A job fair is an excellent opportunity for you to meet some of your future potential employers. While job fairs are usually targeted towards specific industries, some job fairs are more generalized. Make a list of companies where you would like to work, target your resume and get ready to sell yourself. You may even have a chance to have conversations with recruiters and find out more about what technologies they offer, what their attitude is and what kind of skills and qualifications they are looking for. If you don’t find a job, you may apply for some internship program that will help you find the job more easily in future.



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