Although many people are looking for a steady job where they will receive salary on a monthly basis, have social security and health insurance, most of them are also looking for ways to earn some money on the side. That’s why they choose to do an additional part-time job. Besides regular jobs where you have to physically be present, there is also a wide range of online part time jobs that can provide us with a steady income and help us gain more experience in that specific field. On top of that, companies are spreading and are no longer able to accommodate every employee at the central position so they need more and more workers to work for them remotely on a part time basis.


In order to make it easy for you to find the job you are most interested in, we did a little bit of research to find out what are the most popular part-time jobs for this year.


In case, you find it hard to decide which one to choose you can always have a career consultation. It should give you some insight into which job fits you best and help you make up your mind.



One of the biggest advantages if being a tutor is the possibility to give classes online to a lot of students across the globe. Besides the fact that you can work from home, you can do this job any time of the day and create a schedule that suits your needs. This job is an ideal solution for moms who are with their children during daytime and have more time in the evening. If you have the right qualifications and if you are a communicative person who likes working with people, this is a perfect job for you.


Freelance writer

If you are passionate about writing and would like to invest your time smartly, try working as a part-time freelance writer. As a freelance writer, you will be required to write articles, publications, newsletters, e-books, etc. Besides the extensive knowledge of grammar and proficient writing skills, you also need to do a lot of research and find new sources of inspiration. In order to enter the world of freelance writing.


I suggest creating accounts on Peopleperhour, Freelance, and Upwork where you can easily get in touch with people who are looking for the services you provide. Being a freelance writer can be a really lucrative job. You can earn between 15$ and $250 depending on your level of proficiency, experience and the service you have to offer.


Interior designer

Interior designers plan the design of both commercial and living environments. They are required to make interior spaces by coming up with creative solutions, making the environment safe and selecting decorative materials, choosing the right colors and arranging furniture. It is an interesting and creative job, especially for those who are looking for ways how to express their creativity and earn some additional money along the way.



If you are craving for some creativity and if your passion is photography, there’s no better way to combine those two then become a professional photographer and sell your photos as stock photography. There are more and more content writers looking for appropriate photos for their articles and if your photos suit their needs they will download them.


There are many people earning a really nice amount of money and some of them even flip from being part-time to full-time photographers. Once you pick a few photos and upload them on, for instance on Shutterstock, people will start gin=ving you feedback and soon you will become encouraged and grow in your photography.


Hopefully, this list will help you decide what you want to do and how to start off.