The digital era has given us an incredible opportunity to have an easy access to any imaginable information out there. It has significantly decreased the amount of time we spend looking for a particular information and has had an incredible impact on the way we learn new things. Due to the fast pace of modern living, we constantly have to keep up to date with new trends and improve our knowledge.


Instead of buying endless books and paying for expensive courses, we can now listen and digest the lecture content at our pace. YouTube is one of such platforms.Whether you are looking for the way how to debug an issue with your technology or simply want to get the latest updates in a wide range of fields, you can do that in just a few clicks. All in all, YouTube gives you an ability to learn, develop and grow.


Given the huge mass of YouTube channels, we did a little bit of research and created a list of the most popular educational YouTube channels.


TED Talks director

Ted Talks is one of the most popular educational channels. It has gained such a big popularity because it offers a wide array of topics across different categories, from creativity and science to human rights movements and plastic surgery.There’s something for everyone and some topics are presented by famous people and well-known speakers. Also, it enables you to perceive many things from a different perspective,  reexamine your attitude towards a particular issue and learn something new and valuable.


Crash course

Crash Course is one of the best ways to educate yourself through fascinating educational video brought to you by an inspiring online teacher John Green. His topics mainly cover an awesome variety of school subjects such as geography, history, biology, ecology, psychology, and others.The most important thing is that he presents his lectures in a rather witty and fun way so that you won’t even notice you are getting smarter. Crash Course is used by many teachers and learners of all kinds across the globe. It offers quick paced, imaginative videos aimed at all ages.


Smithsonian channel

Most of you have heard about the grand Smithsonian Museum of Natural History located in Washington DC. Although most of you probably don’t have an easy access to the museum usually because of geographical distance, you can access the museum online in just a few clicks.The kids can easily learn about important historical events such as World War one or exquisite marine life without having to leave their room.


Kurzgesagt, In a Nutshell

If you are looking for an easy explanation of a complex issue, Kurzgesagt, in a Nutshell, is the perfect choice for you. It has over 45 million views and the number is constantly on the rise. What makes it different from other channels are the engaging animations uploaded each month that through vivid description and clear explanation in easy-to-understand terms.



If you are tired of searching for YouTube channels that will provide with valuable information regarding any topic on education, look no further! The Education Channel on YouTube aggregates the best-known videos across the web. It offers video on a variety of topics from humanities and business and Engineering and Art, there is something for everyone, The best part is that it collects all the education websites and makes them available throughout the video sharing network


Smart girls

This is an excellent educational channel for kids because it offers all the things the kid’s love, such as for example, fizzing bath bombs. Also, what distinguishes it from other kids educational channels is that it provides profiles of inspiring world-wide known women who have contributed to the mankind in some way. There are also tutorials and videos designed with the aim to inspire young girls to become involved in social issues and social activities.


Ted – ed

Ted ed is committed to creating a lesson that gives you an insight into some great ideas. It has a huge library of animations and videos many of which are the product of great collaboration between some of the most famous and talented educators and artists. On top of that, this is an excellent chance for the kids who are into solving perplexing riddles, investing nature or finding the answer to some mysterious and unusual questions.



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