The digital age we are all part of has given us an amazing opportunity to earn money just by sitting in a comfortable chair without leaving our homes. Working from home doesn’t only offer flexible working hours but is also an excellent option for those who are unwilling to commute on daily basis. According to the research, more than 40 million Americans work from home and the number is constantly increasing.

While 20 years ago it was almost unimaginable to really work and earn from home, technological development has moved the boundaries and today, more and more people are starting to realize the benefits of work from home jobs. If you want to build your career and learn skills that really pay, click through the following list of job positions that are currently blooming in the world of the Internet.

If you are still not sure which one to pick, you can always do free career consultation and see which job suits your personality and qualities as well.

Virtual assistant

In order to save employment costs, many companies hire virtual assistants to help them organized and do all the administrative staff. This job usually involves, creating and distributing a variety of business documents, writing and answering emails, managing data and responding to media and business inquiries.

You just need a strong Internet connection, good organizational skills and ability to multitask. An average online assistant can typically charge $15 to $75 an hour. For beginners, its n+best to start looking for such jobs on,,


While the job of a translator can sometimes be quite stressful due to the tight deadlines, according to research around 22% of translators were self-employed in 2016. This number is on the increase since more and more translators realize they can do their job without leaving their home. The basic requirement involves the fluent knowledge of at least two languages and the bachelor’s degree is preferable but not obligatory. Upwork is the best site when it comes to job postings for translators.

Freelance writer

Creating the content for websites has become more important than ever. Every small or big business owner is looking for a content writer or a copywriter that will use their creative ideas to develop unique content that people will really want to read. Besides the willingness and creativity, you also need a real ambition and drive to create pieces that will boost the website’s visibility and increase awareness. Although writing fees largely depend on the type of the job and the freelancer, an average writer can earn $150 per finished article. Sites like Media BWhat are some top work from home jobs

Human resource manager

Even though you might think that all the HR processes are impossible to carry out if you don’t work in-house surrounded by real people, it actually is. The job b of a human resource manager typically involves directing a company’s hiring, insurance, overseeing employee relations, securing regulatory compliance, and administering employee-related services such as payroll, training, and benefits.

Website tester

A large number of companies hire online testers who will make sure that the site’s navigation works properly and detect bugs. To enter the field of online testers, register with sites like,, and apply to a variety of jobs. It only takes from 10 to 15 minutes to do the test and if you are really good at it, you can earn up to $200 a month. Once you enter the system of online testing, many jobs opportunities will start to emerge and your career as an online tester will begin to thrive.

Social media manager

One of the most popular and maybe the most creative online jobs today is unquestionably the job of a social media manager. Most big businesses have to use all the power of social media networks to break through the white noise and become visible to the general public. That’s why social media managing is imperative in today’s oversaturated business market.

In order to increase their brand awareness, most businesses started hiring social media managers who will be helping those businesses grow and expand their reach. What’s more, since the competition on the market is increasing on the daily basis, it’s not only important to constantly maintain and manage social media accounts but it’s also necessary to follow trends and get regularly updated.


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