Looking for a new job can be an overwhelming experience especially if you don’t have a clear picture what you would like to do in future. From defining your future job and creating a perfect resume to searching for the right job position and preparing for the job interview there are many steps you need to take before you find your dream job. However, if you really dedicate yourself to it and invest all-out effort to prepare yourself for a potential job interview, your effort will be rewarding. To stay focused on the main goal, it’s important to be organized. To help you make the job search less stressful, we outlined a few tips on how to search and apply for fo jobs, how to ace an interview and finally how to get hired.


1.Wipe the slate clean

Although you may have many interests, you need to examine your potential and priorities in life and then clearly define the job you would like to do in future. Start by assessing what you are looking for and why you want to do that particular type of job. You need to determine what you enjoy doing and what are things you would like to avoid doing. For example, if you are an introvert kind of person who is not so much fond of being surrounded by people all the time, then you should choose some jobs that don’t involve much communication with people. Next, think about the size of the company you would like to work in, the salary you are aiming for and what kind of people you would like to work with. So, there are many things to consider before starting your job search adventure.


If you find it hard to decide what job would suit you best, it’s a good practice to have a career consultation. It should help you clear our mind and realize what are the things you want to invest yourself in.


2. Tidy up your cv

The next step is to create a resume that will impress your potential employees. If aren’t sure whether you are on the right track, it’s always better to talk to some professional recruiters who can give you advice on all the vital information your CV should include. They will give you a few tips how to create an above average cv. Also, if you want to make your resume really stand out from the sea of all other resumes, you may as well consider hiring a CV agency to help you with it. It may cost more money, but it will definitely help you in the long run. Make sure you don’t forget to enclose a cover letter, because, according to the 50 % of job recruiters cover letters are equally important as CV itself.


3. Get references lined up

One of the things that should unquestionably help you stand out in the job market is references. It’s essential to have a list of professional references before you even start applying for a job. If you don’t have a particular job experience you may use personal references which are provided by a person who knows you and who can guarantee your character and abilities.  Good references mean a lot in the job market especially if it is given by people at high ranking positions and people who are highly respected in the job market.


4. Find job listings

Since the omnipresence of the internet has given us the ability to easily search for any information we need, the job search has never been easier before. There are hundreds of websites where you can search for a list of jobs that suit not only qualifications but also your job preferences. On top of that, you can directly contact the companies where you would like to apply for a job because most companies nowadays have a career page where you can find all the jobs they are offering at the moment. Here are a few websites you should consider when searching for a job: Best job search engines, job search tips, search for jobs by keyword.


5. Prepare for the interview

Once you apply for a particular job, you are ready for the last and maybe the most important step preparing for an interview. Search for the most common questions interviewer might ask you and practice answering them. This will not only help you get prepared but will also help you relax and gain more self-confidence.The easiest way to do that is to practice interviewing with a family member. Since job interviews may take many forms, form phone and Skype interview to meeting an interviewer in person, ensure that you practice the interview in the same format as the real interview.


If you follow these steps, your job search will unquestionably be much easier and worthwhile.


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